Sunday, October 9, 2011

100 Victories

Georgia’s 20-12 win over the SEC rival Tennessee made for an exciting Saturday in Knoxville! Mark Richt brought in his 100th win as the head coach for the University of Georgia Bulldogs! This was a much needed and well deserved win for a team that is trying to prove they are worthy of the SEC East!

The first half started off shaky with each team only snagging a pair of field goals. Blair Walsh drove 2 through the middle to assist Georgia, but there were so many missed opportunities right off the bat. Isaiah Crowell didn’t shine in the first half either but he really brought it later in the night. Despite an injured wrist, he scored 2 touchdowns to help lead the Bulldogs to a victory. Aaron Murray went 15-of-25 for 227 yards passing. Murray may have overshot several passes throughout the night, but he connected spot on with Malcolm Mitchell for a 73-yarder that would lead to one of Crowell’s scoring drives. Mitchell shows tremendous potential, especially for a freshman. He limped off the field for the night with what seemed to be a pulled hamstring after setting the Dawgs up down-field, but hopefully he will return quickly.

The self-destructing backward drive in the fourth quarter left fans stunned. What was going on? I will get a little defensive though of Richard Samuel….he seems to get a lot of crap for his 1-yard gain but come on people….he had nowhere to go. And people want to crawl Bobo constantly about his play calling but what would a better call have been at 2nd & 56? Any play at that point was going to get a penalty!

The defense fought hard in the fourth quarter without fading. They let one score slide in but were able to protect there lead enough to capture the W. Todd Grantham’s defense could still use some adjusting but overall they held Tennessee pretty well! Mike Gilliard led the Bulldogs defensively with 12 tackles and a sack.

Georgia stays alive in the SEC East race! This win was necessary for the momentum that the following 3 weeks will bring. With Vandy and a bi-week leading up to Florida, this win will hopefully give the Dawgs the drive they need to be better than ever.

As always, GOOO Dawgs!

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